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At Soundie we have always wanted to give voice to both parts of what represents music videos. Both parts are the equally important and can offer a general and correct vision of what a music video menas to a musician and what it means to a video producer. For us is important take them into account, therefore, we create an stage of sound, we always invite artists to present their music videos because they can speak from the experience and then ask them to make a showcase in acoustic.

These are the artist that will be at Soundie 2017


Revolutionary musician, international influence of the fusion music, awarded by the BBC, also in Cuba-Disco, a woman with his feet glued to the floor. Always committed, has been characterized by her courage and joy at the time of mixing different types of sounds and create from her letters a cheerful protest. The singer and songwriter with more versatility that has given this country.

“Amparanoia is the musical project of Amparo Sánchez, one of the voices more typical of Spain.

“Amparanoia is the musical project of Amparo Sánchez, one of the voices more typical of Spain. The paranoia of Amparo is the music, their disks give us the impression to penetrate the music from around the world. The criticism comes from her ear and his heart always listening, and by means of the music, expresses its reality and decides to fight for a more fair world. ” Accompanying Amparo in her presentation will be Paloma Zapata – (Murcia 1979) Director of video clips and documentarist.

Among his works we find projects with Calexico, We have band, Izal, Vetusta Morla, Macaco and Amparanoia. In its work she has a very personal aesthetic finish, always maintaining the closeness with the music, the search for stories, unique characters… In 2016 she premiered his first music documentary “Casamance (the soundtrack of a trip”, filmed in Africa together with the musician Holly Miranda and the journalist Ángel Carmona.

xarim aresté si

Xarim Aresté

Xarim Aresté is one of the most recognised faces of our stages. He has played with the most respected artists (of Josele Santiago to MaikaMakovski, going through Pascal Comelade) but since this year he puts all the emphases in his personal project. With his previous album, “The pink”, he was awarded with several prizes such as Altaveu, el Cerverí, Enderrock . On October 20th he will publish his new work ‘Polinèsies’.

Enric Montefusco

A year after the dissolution of Standstill, the founder, composer and singer began his solo career with a debut album, Meridiana, released under his own label Good Luck. Faithful to the classic conception of music as a catharsis but more author than ever, Enric Montefusco delivers eleven new songs written, recorded and produced by himself and that, wrapped up to twelve different musicians, return to redefine their sound with boldness.

Sweet Life Society

Sweet Life Society

The sound vintage vinyl is the basis on which the band of Turin (Italy) The Sweet Life Society built their sound. Gabriele Concas and Matteo Marini , who broke into the music scene four years ago, are the founders of this eccentric proposal that mixes contemporary sounds with the jewels of the old guard of the Cotton Club; its particularity is the remodeling of the culture swing of the 1920s, invigorated by electronic elements, that has a strong direct boasts some of the best jazz musicians in the north of Italy.

The group, which has been highlighted as one of the forerunners of the Italian Electro Swing, launched its first long “Swing Circus” with Warner Music in 2014, which obtained a great acceptance among the public and the specialized critics. This album, along with their energetic shows, carried The Sweet Life Society to a world tour of success. The group toured the United States and Canada with a special audiovisual project, and participated in some of the most famous festivals in England (Glastonbury, Bestival, Lovebox, Wilderness, Latitude, and Boomtown) with its full live band.


En su debut el grupo gana la primera edición del concurso Gente Joven (2003) con la canción ‘’Viva la anorexia’’. Días más tarde la banda recibe su primera crítica en El País de las Tentaciones: ‘’Ganó Ultraplayback. Incluso en los ambientes más alternativos y cafres una minifalda vale más que un scratch. Este suceso marca toda la historia de Ultraplayback, e inician su andadura como máquina de creación de Hits Rompe Fiestas Locas (HRFL), con temazos como “Me molo”, “Ya nadie baila, todo el mundo es DJ”.

Minifalda Scratch (2005) es el primer álbum del grupo. La apuesta por la originalidad los guía hacia su segundo trabajo, “Por fin ricos y famosos” (2009). Una locura inédita que los llevó a ser entrevistados por los medios más enterados (Ànima TV3, El País de las Tentaciones, Mondo Sonoro) y a tocar en festivales de renombre. (FEA, Pop Arb, Telecogresca, Festes de Santa Tecla-Tarragona).Sus directos son cada vez más demoledores y acumulan una legión de fans dispuestos a inmolarse y bailar mal desde la primera nota. En 2016 publicaron “El día en la noche, la noche en el día” y seguidamente en 2017 publicaron el videoclip de “Tejados de amor” dirigido por Lyona y protagonizado por Leticia Dolera.

Sweet Life Society

Damed Squad

If in USA they have a Lil Yachty in Spain we have Damed Squad. The group formed by Enry-K (producer), Lil Moss and Mishii has become the trident with more international projection of the national panorama the trap music. Youtube has spoken; 2017 is their year and Damed Squad already creates its own sound environment to the new codes of the american trap more experimental made in Atlanta.

With this pretext, their impact has made them climb exponentially. Collaborations with Yung Beef, Cecilio G, or Kidd Keo. On 2017 they have already filled Razzmatazz and Daba Daba, to the media they have not gone unnoticed, and experts in avant-garde music already filled pages talking about the magnetism of the latest gem of the effervescent catalan trap scene.

Dj Delafé

Oscar D’Aniello (Hot Rod) began his musical career as a Dj in the disco Locual? at El Masnou toguether with Bruno Sockolowicz in 1994 with just 17 years. Since then he has combined his career as a musician and dj. Currently Delafé bets by sounds more negroid, in its session we can listen to Soul, funk, reggae, Rocksteady and Hip hop although can also fall classic pop or rock.