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Lildami has become a reference of urban music in the Catalan Countries. A singer who stands out for his positive message away from the topics of the genre. In less than a year, and thanks to the publication of his first album “Flores while alive”, the artist from Terrassa has tripled his visualizations and subscriptions on his YouTube channel. All this, in addition to his performances, mostly sold-out, and his participation in the most renowned festivals in the country, have made Lildami the composer and performer of the summer song of TV3, winner of the Enderrock award for Best Album of Urban music and winner of the Cerverino Award for Best Lyrics 2019. With its motto “IMPARABLA” (Unstoppable) as flag, the Lildami phenomenon, has only just begun. A phenomenon that, artists of different genres wanted to collaborate with, such as Santi Balmes, Dorian, Fat Geese, Suu and, in his own way, Manel.