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Reyes Torío

@ Artist & DJ

Bilbaína de pro, Reyes Torío settled in Barcelona in the 90s she summarizes herself with the concept of a Rock Girl. Founder, composer and singer of the mythical cowpunk band DINAMITA PA LOS POLLOS (Golden Record 1989), Reyes has played all possible musical styles. One of the first dj of the country in the emblematic BOIRA of Amigó, it went on to the studio production of bands like Brighton 64, Matamala or Skatalá de Barcelona, ​​as well as the English Maroon Town or the French Les Ejectés.
In 1994 she founded the independent Al.leluia Records with more than 100 reference in the market and presides over the DiBa (Association of independent labels of Barcelona) from 96 to 99. In these years she directs the Record Fair of Bam and the Moll de la Fusta stages.
Member of the FIPI (International Federation of Independents, based in Brussels) is part of the bureau that achieved the legal change of copyright in 1998 in Strasbourg. In the year 2000 she left the record market to return to dj as a resident of the prestigious Clandestino club of Plaça Reial or Casa PACO in Born. She has shared booth with almost all the country’s rock DJs, from Jesus Ordovás from Radio 3 to Javi Navinés, Ritxmond dj, Cuervo Malasartes etc. She has played in such special places as the Arola restaurant at the Arts hotel or the Castell de Perelada. Also during the last years she has been Consultant of companies like GIBSON USA (electric guitars) or ERRETÈ Fashion Brand.

Since 2012, she has directed the Dueling djs sessions in Serie B of Barcelona with figures such as Tonyo Peladj, Pol Alva, Miss Bonnie Parker, Shak Benavides, etc.
As a DJ she specializes in 7 “vinyl of all retro 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s and 90’s styles.