Mecal Pro, Barcelona International short and animation film festival, and La Cupula Music, SL announce the second edition of Soundie Barcelona International Music Video Awards. The event, aimed at filmmakers / music videos producers, record labels and independent artists, has three Official Sections in competition:

International Prize

National Prize

Local – Catalan Prize



  • The videoclip must have been requested or created for a Catalan, Spanish or foreign group or solo artist and can participate in any of the three official sections listed above.
  • The duration of the videoclip shall not exceed 9 minutes.
  • Only music videos produced after Octobre 1st, 2016 can be submitted to the contest until September 15th, 2017.
  • Each competitor/ director can submit up to a maximum number three (3) Music Videos.
  • Any original recording format is accepted.
  • Submission for participation in the contest are restricted to artists and / or independent companies.
  • The public vote will start on September 18 until October 6, 2017. Available vote can be find on Soundies’ Facebook Page – –



The registration procedure has to be completed online via the website

Videos submitted by Filmmakers, producers or musicians in in Soundie Music Video Awards must possess all necessary permissions and rights.

In addition to the video in digital format, the public or private URL of the video on YouTube must be provided. Once you have registered your video, a set of data will be requiered in order to fulfil the registration form. Any questions can be sent to

The registration period ends on September 15th, 2017.



The pre-selected works will be announced the October 2nd, 2017 on the website of the Festival. Previously, a confirmation email will be sent to each selected participant.

Videoclips that are pre-selected must be sent in HD file with h264 codec and minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080 -1080p- .mov or .mkv) before Septeber 15th 2017 at the Festival Headquarters: Calle Trafalgar, número 10, Pral – 1ª Barcelona, C.P. 08010. In the package the following information must be clearly indicated : Title, Author, Length, Format, Screen resolution and Sound, and the address where the video it should be returned.

The HD file may be sent via WeTransfer.

The sending of the selected Music Videos will be the responsibility of the participant, the the organization will take care of returning the Videos to the participants.



The organization of the festival designates representatives of the cinematographic, musical and cultural world who will carry out the pre-selection of the finalists.

The decisions of the selection committee are unappealable.

The works must be in good condition and properly identified with title, group / artist, director / producer, record label and duration.



The pre-selected videoclips can be viewed on the official website of the festival and its Youtube channel. They will be available for viewing a few days before the event.



A professional jury will be in charge of attributing the winners in each category.

The event is planned for the 20th and 21st of October, 2017 in Barcelona.



Soundie will give several awards:

The value of the prizes is 12.000 € of which correspond to 4000€ cash prizes and 8000€ in services for audiovisual productions. These awards will be distributed among the following categories.

  • Best international music video (Cash Price of €1000)
  • Best National music video (Spain) (UFI Cash Price of €1000)
  • Best Catalan music video – Centered CCAA of Catalonia (Cash Price of €1000)
  • Best Music Video Audience Choice (Cash Price of €1000)
  • Best Editing
  • Best Young director (SAE Price – Service valued in 1500€)
  • Best Low-cost – Video with less than 1000 € budget  (VideoLab Price – Service valued in 2500€)
  • Best Song of the pre-selected videoclips (Free Digital Music Distribution + 500€ in YouTube promotion)

Other prizes will also be offered special mention:

  • Best Special Effects. (Free Digital Music Distribution + 500€ in YouTube promotion)
  • Best Art Direction – Rewarding the art director (Free Digital Music Distribution + 500€ in YouTube promotion)
  • Best Creativity / Screenplay – Rewarding screenwriter / creative (Free Digital Music Distribution + 500€ in YouTube promotion)
  • Best Animation – Rewarding the animation director (Free Digital Music Distribution + 500€ in YouTube promotion)


The prize will be awarded by a jury composed of people of the cinematographic, musical and cultural world.

Awards are given to the persons who hold the rights of the video. One of the main requirements the presence of the winner or a representative at the Award ceremony (for the local and national award) or sending a testimonial video (for the international Award) in case you cannot attend physically.

The Awards will be presented during the closing ceremony. All prizes are subject to deductions determined by law. Prizes will be paid in cash in the accounts (without costs) that winners provide to the organization.

The incorporation of any additional prize not listed in these rules, will be duly announced through the means of communication of the Festival (Web, press release, etc. )



The participants in the competition authorize the organization to the diffusion, distribution, exhibition, public communication, dissemination and reproduction without renumeration of the submitted Music Videos, through the webs and the current and future channels of both organising institutions.



In compliance with the provisions of Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, Law 34/2002, of 11 July, Services of the information society and electronic commerce and other provisions issued in its development, the participants of the contest are informed that the personal data voluntarily provided during the registration process of the contest, which states as their property (including mobile phone and email), will be incorporated into the corresponding file of the organization, authorizing their processing (by itself or through a third party acting as a processor) for their use in connection with the development of this competition, as well as for sending information regarding activities and projects carried out by the organization (via mail, e-mail, telephone and SMS). The participant is informed of his right of opposition, access, rectification and cancellation of his personal data in the terms provided by law, and he may exercise his right by writing a letter to the organization at the following address: Carrer Trafalgar, n. 10, Pral – 1ª Barcelona, CP 08010.


The delivery of personal data in the registration form for the contest is optional, but the refusal to provide it has the consequence of not being able to participate in the festival.

The participant guarantees that the personal data provided to the organization for this promotion is truthful, and is responsible for communicating any changes regarding this data to the organization of the Awards.

The participants also authorize the organization to use their name and image for advertising or in communication campaigns, both written and electronic, developed or carried out to disseminate the results of the competition.

The organization, in any case, will use the data for commercial purposes.



Any complaint regarding the initial selection of projects, or the choice by the jury for the prize winning projects, must be made within a maximum period of 10 calendar days from the date of notification.

Any further complaints shall also be set out within a maximum period of 10 calendar days from the fact that triggers them.

This competition and its rules are regulated by the Spanish law and any dispute related therewith or the competition will be resolved by the courts of Barcelona.



To the the awards of this promotion, the prizes are subjected to the Law 35/2006 on the Spanish income tax the Income; the Royal Decree No 439/2007 of 30 March, by which the Regulation of the Income Tax of Physical People is approved;

The Law 13/2011, of 27 May, regarding Game Regulation; The Royal Decree 3059/1966 of December the 1st, through which the Revised Text of Tax Rates and other related provisions are approved and passed in their development so that, if necessary shall be allocated to the organization the carrying out of the payment on account or practicing the appropriate retention.



Mecal Pro, International Short Film and Animation Festival of Barcelona, and La Cupula Music SL, are exempted from any liability that may arise from any existing errors in the data provided by the winners, inaccuracies thereof or impossibility of identification. Similarly they will be exempt from liability in case of failed delivery of any prize whenever this is due to causes beyond their control or lack of diligence by the winner.

Mecal Pro, International Festival of Short Films and Animation of Barcelona and La Cupula Music, SL are not responsible for the use of images of minors in the videos participating, as each participant must obtain the permits and mandatory consent from parents or tutors thereof. This does not prevent the use of the image of a child that may be considered inappropriate from being penalized by the organization and / or Youtube Video and the immediate removal from the Contest.

YouTube is not part of the competition apart of being the platform provider. YouTube is not responsible for providing the awards or review the safety of the entries. Youtube denies any responsibility over the administration of the competition rules and the prizes awarded.



Participation in this competition implies acceptance of these terms in full.


The organization reserves the right to interpret, or modify the submission rules of this contest at any time, and even cancel or void the contest, provided that there are justified grounds for taking such a decision. In any case, La Cupula Music, SL commits to communicating via this website the modified terms, or the annulment of the competition as a whole, so that all participants will have access to the information.