When you submit your music videos to Soundie, you cannot choose in which category you want to compete. Our internal team will determine which category suits best your music video.

We only leave 3 categories we wish for you to select. If your music video can compete in the following categories, please select one – Low Cost, Novel Director and Gender Equality. You will only need to choose this, if necessary.

Select the participation categories

*If your record label is part of an Association of Independent Labels, indicate here which one.

To enroll in the following categories it is essential to meet the requirements specified in the contest rules.

Novel DirectorLow Cost Music VideoGender Equality Music Video

*LOW COST MUSIC VIDEO: Budget of less than € 500
** MUSIC VIDEO FOR GENDER EQUALITY: Music Videos whose theme defends equal opportunities between genres and / or whose audiovisual and / or musical authorship is female.

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