*If your record label is part of an Association of Independent Labels, indicate here which one.

*Soundie VMA 2019 only accepts official music video released from October 8th, 2018 until October 7th, 2019. Other music videos that are not official, or not released among these dates will not be accepted.

Select the participation categories

Select 3 categories

* Best international music video- We will only accept music videos from outside Spain territory.
* Best National music video (Spain)- We will only accept music video from artist from Spain
* Best Music Video of a Catalan Artist- To guarantee a better appraisal of the candidature, we recommend that the artists of the Catalan territory mark this option. IMPORTANT: We will not accept submissions that have chosen both categories Best National Music Video and Best Music Video of a Catalan Artist, you must select one of them.

*** Only one of these three main categories can be selected. To improve the assessment of audiovisual works, it is highly advisable to check if you meet the requirements stipulated in the contest rules, to submit your music video to the rest of the available categories (see drop-down).

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We are working in a report to have a better approach in the 2018 music video market. The aim is to understand and analyze this sector and improve what can be done to raise awareness of emerging talents. That is the reason why, if you are in charge of a production company, we need to know some information about your performing.

The information provided will be used to create a music video production company board that will be published in our web. Sensitive data such as the 2018 turnover or the number of produced music videos will be used to create general reports and statistics, also public and available for everyone. If you have any questions, please contact Filling these gaps is not mandatory, but necessary to portrait the reality of the music video market.

2018 turnover. This information will be only used for research purposes and not be published under any circumstances.

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