On October 20 and 21, 2017, the second edition of the Soundie Music Video Awards, the International Video Music Festival of Barcelona, ​​was held at Arts Santa Mònica in Barcelona. Awards ceremony, concerts, workshops, panels, conferences, and fruitful networking served to nourish the music videos industry in a landmark event in the audiovisual industry not only nationally but internationally.

On October 12, 2016, the first edition of Soundie, the first International Music Video Awards in Barcelona, ​​was held at the Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB). Today, music video has become an indispensable tool for any artist and represents a very important part of the music. Thanks to the appearance of digital video viewing channels and smartphones, music videos are gaining increasing consumer influence.

Given that countries of cultural reference (Germany, UK and USA) already had contests dedicated to music videos, at La Cupula Music, we thought it important to create an event in Barcelona with international projection in order to professionalize this sector. Together with MECAL, the Barcelona Short Film Festival, we inaugurated this successful first edition, which received great participation and assistance and received great support from entities related to the creative sector: Fundación SGAE, UFI (Union fonografica Independiente), ARC (Association of Representatives, Promoters and Mànagers of Catalonia), APECAT (Associació de productors Catalans) and external collaborators (renowned artists, professionals and companies in the sector and SAE Institute, among many others).

The first edition of Soundie had a professional jury formed by María Ibáñez (UFI), Gerardo Cartón (Playmoss), Javier Vizcaino (CEO Teloalkilo), Bruno Galindo (Musical Critic), Judith Colell (Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences of Spain), Ezequiel Polbach (SAE Institute) and Dolo Beltrán (Artist) that distributed 11 prizes valued at €8,500.

More than 500 music videos were submitted: 170 International music videos, 45 Catalan music videos, and 265 national music videos. With an attendance of more than 200 people, the jury of the Soundie Music Video Awards distributed all the prizes to the winners of the first edition.

On October 12, Soundie Music Video Awards kicked off with a professional panel that dealt with ‘The music videos as an strategic marketing element for an artist’. A panel formed by professionals from the sector such as Miqui Puig (Artists), Ramon Pascual (Vevo Spain), Martin Verástegui Petrik & Erques Torres (Snoop Barcelona) and Alba Barneda (Canada). And it ended with the awards ceremony that was combined with the musical performances of: Mi Capitan, Joan Colomo and ended with the performance of Delafé.

An event hosted by Bruno Sokolowicz and sponsored by Mortiz, with the collaboration of Teloalkilo, Videolab, Sae Institute and Rotor.










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