Soundie Music Video Awards is a collaborative project between La Cupula Music and Mecal (Barcelona). Soundie exists because nowadays the music video is an essential tool for any artist. Each day we see how this sector becomes more and more professional, but until now, without its´ own awards. Soundie Musis Video Awards will cover this gap – awarding the best Music Videos.

The Music Videos have gained increasing traction in our daily consumption patterns, thanks to the appearance of digital channels for video viewing, and the vast penetration of smartphones. Statistics show that the majority of video consumption takes place through mobile devices and that the area showing most growth is that of Music Videos.

On the other hand, the digital market, which is global by its nature, presents an increasingly ferocious competitiveness in artists and independent label communities everywhere. For local artists to have the possibility of success in this global market, they must be capable of standing out above the other artists with which they compete for public attention.

It is in our interest to encourage creativity and to promote the sector by contributing with these awards to improve not only the overall quality, but also increase the quantity of video clips that are made nationally. We want to welcome not only the established independent music industry, but also new creators.


Therefore we invite you to submit your music video to this new edition of Soundie Music Video Awards.

Good luck!